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Kartik Subbarao

I am Kartik Subbarao, an independent consultant with over 25 years of experience in IT infrastructure, strategy, architecture and engineering. I know IT integration as a science as well as an art. I have a well-developed talent for unifying both existing and emerging technologies with the least amount of complexity. This saves time and money, and makes technology more approachable and engaging to work with.

My career includes over 16 years at Hewlett-Packard in a variety of engineering and technical leadership positions in R&D, Consulting, and IT. I was the founding Global Lead for HP’s Open Source and Linux Profession, a community of practice for thousands of open source technologists across the company. Throughout my career, I have promoted the effective integration of open standards and open source components, as well as an open culture of learning.

I believe that self-awareness is the master key to unlocking our potential. My book Enlightening Technical Leadership illustrates several principles around this topic and explores how the process can unfold.

I have a BSEE from Princeton University and an MSEE from Stanford University.

For more detailed information on my experience and recommendations from people who have worked with me, please see my LinkedIn profile. Here is a list of conferences where I have presented.

Email: subbarao@computer.org
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