February 7th, 2013

Open Source Presentation at IEEE Delaware Meeting

UPDATE 2/19/2013: Slides from the talk are now included below.

I’m presenting about Open Source at the IEEE Delaware section meeting on February 18th. Here is the abstract:

Open Source software grew out of the practice of freely and openly sharing source code across academia and industry from the early days of computer programming. It took off along with the rapid growth of the Internet. Nowadays, open source software runs most of the World Wide Web, as well as the majority of smartphones and supercomputers. Companies are increasing their use of open source, developers continue to adopt open source programming languages and techniques, and society as a whole is being transformed by the principles of open source collaboration at a number of levels, from education to government to popular culture.

What makes open source so compelling? How does it work? What are some ways that anyone can benefit from open source, wherever they happen to be? In this presentation, we’ll explore these questions and discuss the opportunities.

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