July 26th, 2015

Spiritual Development and the Polarities of Type

Here is an extended slideset for my presentation at APTi 2015.

Abstract: The lessons of meditation and psychological type theory reinforce each other in fundamental ways. Meditation can be thought of as an exercise in expanding awareness. When we notice that our mind has taken on the narrow form of a train of thought, we gently reach out beyond that form, reconnecting to the intention with which we began our meditation. As we practice reaching out again and again, our available mental space expands. In our daily activities, we become able to embrace the polarities of type more fully. If we feel stuck in the perspective of a particular cognitive function, we can reach out beyond its boundaries to one of its opposing functions and reconnect with a broader whole. Even if some polarities are more challenging than others, the net effect of this mental crosstraining is to maintain both spaciousness and groundedness, from which we can act more clearly and to which we can surrender more deeply.

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