September 8th, 2009

Transforming Your Company with Open Source — LinuxCon 2009

Update: 9/28/2009: Added slides

Here are the slides from my LinuxCon 2009 presentation on ways to transform your organization with open source. It builds on insights from Open Source and Interdependent IT and many other areas.

Make sure to browse through the notes for the slides as well. You can download the document from the page.

Here is the abstract below.

How do you get past incremental change to real transformation with open source? Most conventional advice focuses on just one dimension at a time: people, process, business or technology. To get breakthrough results, you need to view these dimensions as part of an integrated whole, and consciously address two or more of them simultaneously. Using examples from Enterprise IT experience, we’ll explore how you can tap your organization’s strengths in a variety of ways to achieve these goals. The audience for this session includes technical leaders as well as managers who want to drive change through open technologies, processes, communities, and business models. The session will discuss approaches that can be used by people in a variety of roles.

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